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In our unique AlpinSPA, enjoy a relaxation retreat spread over two floors that will return your harmony and balance. Our therapists and beauticians will advise you in detail about the various treatment options and inform you about the care products most suitable for you.


Regeneration with a long-term effect and revival will be seen!


Small facial treatment

… a small taster, or to pamper yourself in between.

Facial care with cleansing, steaming, peeling, mask, final care.

approx. 50 Min. € 75

Depending on the skin type, we use the products of Asiatica, Green Tea or Rosengarten from STYX Natural cosmetics.

Large facial treatment

…the individual treatment for your skin.

Facial care with cleansing, steaming, peeling, deep cleansing, ampoule mask, eyebrow correction, final care. Products are selected according to your skin type.

approx. 80 Min. € 109

Depending on the skin type, we use the products of Asiatica, Green Tea or Rosengarten from STYX Natural cosmetics.

Anti-aging treatment

….individually tailored to your skin.

Cleansing, steaming, peeling. Deep cleansing, ampoule, eyebrow correction, eye mask, finishing care. Products are selected according to your skin type.

110 Min. € 148
Depending of the skin type, we use the product lines Rosengarten or anti age DE:LUXE from the company STYX Natural cosmetics.

Soft shaping and correcting of the natural eyebrow shape.

€ 18

We give your eyebrows a subtle kick in the natural hair colour.

€ 25

We highlight your eyebrows and eyelashes in a beautiful natural tone to match your complexion. Without correction.

€ 28

The soft stimulation of the lymph flow through the application of the special ice balls followed by gel-eye care. Decongestant, soothing.

approx. 15 Min. € 33

Hands & Feet

Enjoy a relaxing foot bath, peeling, or pedicure with subsequent foot massage with rich moisturiser.

with nail polish 60 Min. € 62

without nail polish 50 Min. € 52

Enjoy a warm hand bath, peeling, manicure with subsequent hand massage with rich moisturiser.

With nail polish 60 min. € 55

Without nail polish 50 min. € 45

… We recommend an additional caring paraffin hand bath for perfectly groomed hands.

You only want your nails polished – without manicure – no problem. We charge € 8 for nail polish only.

The optimal care in the cold season to make brittle, very dry hands soft and supple again.

approx. 15 Min. € 25

with extra peeling 15 Min. € 33

Foot peeling with real mountain salt, foot bath in the massage bath, followed by a soothing and relaxing foot massage – regeneration after long days, sporting activities or simply to relax in between. Intensive final care.

25 Min. € 42

The vitalising salt promotes circulation, can relieve tension and strengthen the immune system. The highly effective formula of our intensive foot pack provides rough, cracked and callused foot skin with plenty of moisture, suppleness and a lasting feeling of well-being. The nutrient-rich ingredients have an antibacterial effect and provide intensive care.

Applications for your body

Rids the body of unwanted skin, freshening the skin and leaving it silky and smooth.

20 Min. € 45

35 essential oils heat the fat cells!
The body is treated with the care gel and wrapped in foil – enjoy the time resting and “floating” in our soft pack couch. A highly effective cellulite treatment for visibly smooth and firm skin and immediately measurable reduction in circumference!

approx. 50 Min. € 63
with an additional lymph stimulating massage is recommended (25 min.) € 112

The peeling stimulates the circulation and removes dead skin. A freshness-kick Alpine ART!

approx. 20 Min. € 52
With a nourishing cream / mini for at home.

Intensively moisturises and helps tense and often itchy skin to regenerate quickly.

approx. 40 Min. € 56

Especially for purifying, detoxifying and toning.

40 Min. € 79

The ultra-caring body pack with the unique scent of fresh mountain hay – simply to dream and feel good.

40 Min. € 79

Lower leg € 35

Whole leg € 52

Upper lip and chin € 18

Upper lip only € 15

Back or breast from € 45
Combination back & breast € 85

Under arm € 33

Wellness baths

Bathing pleasure “times 2”
Enjoy the pleasant warmth and the wonderful aromas of a foam bath for two in our relaxation bath.

We serve you Prosecco as an accompaniment and a sweet surprise!

approx. 40 Min. € 71

Wonderfully relaxing honey pine bath with real pine flakes for exfoliation during the bath.

approx. 30 Min. € 42

The pine flake bath is a soothing relaxation bath is a soothing relaxation bath with the valuable nutrients and bioactive substances of pure bees honey and the calming powers of the essential oils of the pine tree. The bath has a light antibacterial, smoothing and moisture-regulating effect, calms and positively influences the general well-being. The pine flake bath is a wonderfully fragrant and soothing relaxation bath for body and mind. Essential oils from the stone pine extract have a calming and extremely positive effect on the circulation and vegetative regulation. The diverse ingredients of the whey give the skin valuable nutrients and natural protection.

Contains the powers of particularly nutrient-rich grasses and meadow plants of sunny mountain slopes. Slightly stimulates the circulation and at the same time has a calming effect on the whole body. Scents of blossoming mountain meadows.

30 Min. € 42

Comfortably warm full bath with a special eucalyptus salt mixture. Especially for coughs and colds, hoarseness or for warming the body on cold days or after skiing.

30 Min. € 42

The bath of rest and relaxation for the support of the overstrained muscles and skeletal system – a top product from the TIROLER STONE OIL range. The high proportion of organically bound sulphur has a beneficial effect on muscles and joints. It is not only used for “bath tub treatment at home”, the stone oil bath has also been used for a long time in hospitals, rehabilitation centres and health spas.

20 Min. € 52

To regenerate and revitalise body and mind, especially in times of approaching colds. The vitality bath is characterised by a special composition of the high-quality essential oils. Jojoba oil and soybean oil additionally pamper the skin and keep it supple. The skin toning effect and a pleasant fragrance convey a feeling of pure relaxation and recuperation.

30 Min. € 42



The company STYX NAUTURAL COSMETICS GmbH has a long tradition. As long ago as 1915, the grandfather of the current managing director Wolfgang Stix, Florian Stix experimented with traditional recipes and new ideas. He produced ointments and tinctures with various healing and protective effects. The goat’s butter ointment still on sale today dates back to this time.

What is essential for all STYX products:

  • Only raw materials of natural origin form organic farming or wild growth are used.
  • The raw materials are cold-pressed vegetable oils, essential oils, fresh herbal extracts, waxes and fats, shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, coconut oil.
  • For soap, only a “coconut fat – palm oil saponification” is used.
  • Additives such as emulsifiers, preservatives and surfactants are obtained from natural raw materials.
  • Processing methods are physical, microbiological and/or enzymatic
  • Preservation is carried out as food preservation according to the Austrian Food Codex.


Care products based on traditions

Trehs develops its care products on the basis of traditions in close connection with places and people. In this way we create a unique connection: the traditions are brought to life, the places can be visited and local people talked to about the production of the basic ingredients. This makes us unique in the degree of our authenticity: genuine, tangible, locally rooted, based on traditions, enlivened by local people. Trehs care products are recommended by dermatologists. 

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Double room in alpine design with pine wood fittings, oak flooring, bathroom…


Double room in alpin:design with pine or wenge wood fittings, artistic design element...


Junior-suite in modern alpin:design with wenge wood fittings, artistic design element…


Junior-suite in modern alpin:design with wenge wood fittings, artistic design element…


Spacious 3-room-suite in modern alpine:design with pine or wenge wood fittings…


Spacious 3-room-suite in modern alpine:design with pine or wenge wood fittings…


Spacious 3-room-suite in modern alpine:design with pine wood fittings…


Simple standard double room in traditional style, some with balcony or terrace, bathroom…

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