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Saunas and steam baths

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AlpinSPA STONE STEAM BATH – A temperature of 45°C and almost 100% humidity, heat and steam… relaxation and cleansing for the whole body. The steam is also soothing for the respiratory system. Steam baths are a remedy against colds especially for clogged noses and can help cure sinus infections as the herbal essences are directly absorbed through the nasal mucosa. Steam baths are also helpful against impure skin and acne as the pores are opened and antibacterial substances can reach the infected parts of the skin.

AlpinSPA ORGANIC SAUNA – The bio sauna is a mixture of sauna and steam bath. The low temperature of 60°C and a humidity of 60% have a positive effect on the wellbeing and especially on the cardiovascular system. Essential oils create a relaxing fragrance.

AlpinSPA STUBENSAUNA – The Finnish sauna is the traditional sauna. The temperature is between 85°C and 100°C at a very low humidity of 10-30%. The alternating bath between heat, cold showers and relaxation invigorate the immune system.