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Calligraphy with Sigrid Artmann

Impossible not to join in! We're so glad to offer our guests another unique calligraphy workshop with Sigrid Artmann - brilliant calligraphist from Ludwigsburg.

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Art and enjoyment - experience something NEW with this unique combination. In this workshop, you’ll learn Sigrid Artmann’s very own font, ‘Bold Beauty’.

Poetic, fun and cheeky texts, rich in contrast, arise playfully.


You give way to a meditative atmosphere of writing as you indulge in colour and design with a new energy. We are once again taking to virgin territory as we follow the lines of this picturesque nature. As well as creative activities, you’ll have plenty of time for yourself.


Whether you spend this in nature or our exclusive spa, or if you want to work on your calligraphy... everything is possible. In the end, you’ll hold the lightness of summer in your hands in the form of your artwork. Mementos of Nauders that will last a long time to come.

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Sigrid Artmann
Schlossstrasse 5
D-71634 Ludwigsburg
Tel: +49 714 19 7829 4