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Unique experiences for the whole family

Adventure, excursions and extraordinary experiences in Nauders

A family holiday in Alpin ART & SPA Hotel Naudererhof promises unique experiences for the whole family. You’re out and about in the mountains: Over meadows, in the forests, in the water and even in the air! Hard to believe? Rise above yourself and experience adventures with the whole family in Nauders.




Golden times for the family

How is gold washed? How does an Archimedean screw work? What does a forest xylophone sound like? Families can find the answer to these and many more questions at an altitude of over 2180 metres on the Bergkastel. Games, fun and excitement alternate with relaxation in nature at the Bergkastel.  The new Goldwasser is located directly at the exit of the Bergkastel gondola lift. The entire area is accessible for pushchairs.


Nature and family adventures in Nauders

The Wa(aldpark) Möslemischen is an ideal excursion destination, for spending valuable time with the family. In the Mösle Park, both young and older visitors experience the natural alpine surroundings with all their sins: What do the wild herbs smell like? Which bird can you hear singing? What does the ice cold water feel like on your skin? Nature loving boys and girls discover the play and climbing stations on their own. On the various wooden stations children can actively enjoy nature. Swinging, jumping, and playing in the middle of the forest. The various stations are accessible with a pushchair.


Beginners trails on the Bergkastel

Only 50 metres away from the new Goldwassser discovery world, and another highlight awaits the children. A new bike park especially for little bikers. The four brand new trails in the kids’ bike park are easy to reach with a conveyor belt lift and are perfectly suited for all newcomers. This also offers the perfect opportunity for a quick visit to the new Kidsloop.


Signature Trail in Nauders am Reschenpass

The Zirm trail is ideal for beginners and we recommend it as a first trail among the 3-Länder Enduro trails. A sophisticated trail design with several features allows advanced riders to literally take off, while beginners can ensure they always have firm grip under their tyres.


Art with and among nature

In the pine forest of Radurschltales, both local and foreign artists have worked with nature to design a sculpture park for the whole family. A good path takes you through the Radurschl gorge and along the river up to the largest pine forest in the Eastern Alps. For the young and older guests a true replica of a bark hut has been constructed. Secluded spots, gushing streams with a water wheel and a small lake invite you to play and linger. If your legs are strong enough, climb up to the Hohenzollnerhaus at 2120 m above sea level.


Where is the next elf hidden?

Along the Badsteig in Pfunds, a whole gang of elves has run away this year. High up in the trees or on the water’s edge, various elves are hiding with their animal friends. Let’s see if you can discover all the elves.

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Simply Double room
"Simply"Double room
30m² for 2-3 persons
Simple standard double room in a traditional style, some incl. balcony or terrace, ...
from € 109 per person
Berg:art Double room
"Berg:art"Double room
30m² for 2 persons
alpine:design double room fitted in Swiss pine, oak wood floor, bathroom ...
from € 117 per person
Art:tyrol Double room
"Art:tyrol"Double room
35m² for 2-3 persons
Double room in a modern alpine:design, fitted in Swiss pine or wenge, artistic design element, ...
from € 127 per person
Zirb:art Junior Suite
"Zirb:art"Junior Suite
45m² for 2-3 persons
Junior suite in a modern alpine:design, fitted in Swiss pine or wenge, artistic Swiss pine element, ...
from € 134 per person
Dolce vita Junior Suite
"Dolce vita"Junior Suite
45m² for 2-4 persons
Junior suite in a modern alpine:design, fitted in wenge, artistic design element, ...
from € 140 per person
Alpin Family Suite
"Alpin"Family Suite
45m² for 3-4 persons
Spacious 2-room family suite in a modern alpine:design, fitted in Swiss pine, oak wood floor, ...
from € 148 per person
De:luxe Family Suite
"De:luxe"Family Suite
75m² for 3-4 persons
Generous 3-room family suite in a modern alpine:design, fitted in Swiss pine or wenge, ...
from € 158 per person
Grand:alpin Family Suite
"Grand:alpin"Family Suite
75m² for 3-6 persons
Spacious 3-room family suite in a modern alpine:design, fitted in Swiss pine, oak wood floor, artistic design element, ...
from € 165 per person