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A special thanks to our dear friend, YVONNE SO! … for the production and the provision of this very successful video.

In addition to our grenzARTig artists days, there are a lot of colorful, creative and curvy in and around the Naudererhof that you should not miss! …


großARTig grenzARTig = inspiration without borders!

What is grenzARTig?

  • grenzARTig was initiated by the Kurt Kleinhans Family at the grenzARTig Naudererhof ****superior.
  • grenzARTig happens at and around the Naudererhof, creates open spaces and is home, platform and brimming source of ideas for art and artists from the “Terra Raetica“ – Obergricht (A), Vinschgau (I), Engadine (CH) region.
  • grenzARTig invites guests at the Naudererhof to experience the highly interesting diversity of art, culture and uniqueness of the Terra Raetica region. grenzARTig is for everyone; it is a place of power and of creative relaxation, a pleasant place for body, mind and soul.
  • grenzARTig are the culinary delights at the Naudererhof – the fine ART to enjoy the 3-countries cuisine. The common features and differences of the regional cuisine are rediscovered and an almost forgotten cultural asset is revived. ObergrichtARTig …VinschgauARTig … EngadinARTig


The idea behind grenzARTig

  • grenzARTig enables locals and guests of the Naudererhof to engage in the common features and differences in history, art and culture of the Terra Raetica region.
  • grenzARTig at the Naudererhof presents the works of artists at the “Hotel Gallery” to an international audience throughout the year and provides a stage for art, music and cabaret shows.
  • grenzARTig enables artists to work together at and around the Naudererhof and encourages people to get involved with contemporary art.
  • grenzARTig refers to the specific regional location of the village and the hotel, and is partner and sponsor of various artistic and cultural styles in the ”Terra Raetica“ region.
  • grenzARTig at the Naudererhof connects art and culinary delights and rediscovers the common features and differences of the regional cuisine. Creations and delicacies made from regional products to traditional recipes and skilfully refined by our kitchen team – a delight for all senses!
  • grenzARTig presents the individual influences of the respective culture and nature on artists.

 … also 2019 again at the Naudererhof.