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Sightseeings around Nauders


Naudersberg Castle

The Naudersberg castle, residence of the rulers of Nauders, was first mentioned in a document in 1239. It accommodated the Princely Court of Justice from around 1300 and was then converted into a castle. The first expansion of the castle with barbicans, turrets, round towers and wall-walks took place during the Engadine Wars between Duke Siegmund and Emperor Maximilian.

Fortress Nauders

The Nauders barrier fortress was built between 1834 and 1840 along the pass road across the Reschen near the medieval Niklasmauer wall. The fortress is a powerful, five-storey stone block structure with embrasures, and was used initially to block the road and to protect the Inn Valley from potential troop invasions from Lombardy or Engadine.

Trail Kaiserschützen

The renovated Kaiserschützen Trail was created in World War I and leads from Nauders Fortress around 2 kilometres and 500 altitude metres through the forest to the fortifications – past the remains of positions and accessible rock caverns. Nauders Fortress accommodates an informative memorial site remembering the Imperial riflemen.



The road to the past begins at the fortress in Nauders! The old road falls away steeply and reaches the river Inn at Finstermünz. There you will find an old chapel, the old customs house and – seemingly stuck to the rock face – the “Siegmundseck” built by Duke Sigismund.
Right in the middle of the river Inn is the old tower with the wooden bridge.

Historic border fortifications

Along the Reschen boarder an extensive line of defense with bunkers, command posts, tank traps, barracks and supply routes was created to prevent an invasion of Hitler’s Germany in the years 1936-1942. The work continued secretly even after Italy officially joined the alliance.